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We originally built Middle for ourselves. Our other product, Perkville, is a loyalty rewards SaaS that's grown to be the leader in the fitness vertical. Perkville has a ton of great businesses on the platform, and they're constantly coming up with new ideas for how to tweak their rewards program. Unfortunately, those tweaks are often beyond what the program can support without engineering time. Our engineers would have to take that idea from a customer, figure out how to abstract it, productize it, turn it into a feature, get design done, code it, test it, code review it, test it, and then finally release it as a complete feature. That process is slow. Too slow. While some of our customer's ideas should have that level of rigor, most of their ideas don't need that level of productization. We needed a flexible tool that would allow our support staff, not engineers, to code some of those customer-requested enhancements. We looked around for tools to help us, but didn't find one that hit every one of our needs, for cost, power, support, or integrated products. We had no choice but to roll our own. So Middle was born. It's a no-code/low-code programming platform, with a visual scripting language (VPL) designed for support staff to code features for customers, and an in-browser Python editor designed for junior engineers to create options for use in the VPL. It's also got a ton of tools for supporting the programs that our staff create.
Founded in January 2020
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